It's New Years Eve, 1999. With the entire country caught up in "Y2K Paranoia", Chazz Goodhart decides it's the perfect opportunity to escape his rural hometown of Redfield, Virginia. He leaves behind his Meth-dealing mother, and hops a Greyhound bus in hopes of getting into the Party Of The Century: The Y2K Bootyquake Bash at The Groove Factory. Despite the assault on New York City's Clubland and the politically charged "War on Designer Drugs", DJ Willy D Vinyl has managed to keep the music pumping nightly at the last mega-club still standing.

After taking in his first moments in the city he has always dreamed of, Chazz goes to find his androgynous & eccentric Uncle Joey, who luckily has a few tricks up his sleeve to secure an extra ticket to the sold-out event. Along with Joey's two best friends Coco Dependent and Sera Tonin, Chazz and Joey race throughout the adrenaline filled city... entering radio contests, drag competitions, and challenging the most evil doorman ever. They will stop at nothing until they are all dancing under the shimmering lights of the new millennium count-down.

Once they walk through the doors of The Groove Factory, it's a mind-blowing, life-altering moment in time that one will never forget...