For over a decade, we have been passionately working on a performance piece that would combine the elements of a modern day pop concert with a character-driven, theatrical storyline exploring the psychology of a moment in time. When we first started working on the script, we took our inspiration from Madonna's groundbreaking concert staging of the early 90's. The song, dance and multimedia elements and social provocations that go hand and hand with these mega dance concerts has always been a point of fascination for us.  Add into the mix our love of the theater and nostalgia for the innocence of the 1990s and The Groove Factory is born:  a musical that looks at the last glory days of New York City’s mega-dance clubs through the filter of the impending turn of the Millennium accompanied by global Y2K paranoia.

As we work on the piece now, we of course know that Y2K is almost laughable and the real threat was a few years down the road on September 11th, 2001.  Our evolving social perspective post 9/11, looks back on the 90’s as a decade of decadence brought on by economic prosperity and childlike innocence without the dark clouds of terrorism and war.  The America of the 90's has been forced to grow up in the decades since. The Groove Factory allows the audience, for one night, to go back to that time right before terror, George W. Bush and iPhones.

After many song demos* and closed readings for colleagues and friends, our dream began to blossom as we started receiving exciting development opportunities. In 2006 the first incarnation of The Groove Factory was chosen as a finalist for the Richard Rodgers Award. Then, in February of 2010, the book and the score were revised and The Groove Factory enjoyed a two week artistic residency at IRT THEATRE in Manhattan's West Village. This process culminated in two sold out and very well received workshop readings.  In the summer of 2012, The Groove Factory  was an official selection of the New York Musical Theater Festival. We mounted a full scale production and the world premiere played to wonderfully enthusiastic fully sold out audiences.  We are currently working on rewrites based on feedback and can't wait to share it with you in the coming months.  Please join us as we continue the adventure.

*Produced entirely at BetBoyz studio, the music of The Groove Factory has alread developed a cult following, with help in part by internationally recognized DJ Randy Bettis. Several tracks have become dance floor regulars in clubs from NYC and Fire Island to Vancouver and Singapore. In addition, Kim Sozzi, one of the leading ladies of the billboard dance charts, is slated to play female lead, Melody McPlanet.

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